Original Miniature Portrait Sculptures by Professional Sculptors Art and Ginny Blevins

Mini*Me’s are a 3 dimensional representation of your loved one mounted on your choice of plaques or frames.  We begin with your photo (or sitting, if you live in the DFW, Texas area), a hunk of clay and about 35 years of experience working in portraiture.

Mini*Me’s are sculpted from terra cotta clay.  After about a 2 week drying period, they are fired and then patinated to look like bronze.  Bronzing is available.

Ginny working on a Mini*Me in the studio

E-mail or mail us your photo and we will sculpt a custom Mini*Me for you.   A standard Mini*Me is sized to fit in a 5″ x 7″ mounting.  A double Mini*Me generally fits in an 8″ x 10″ mounting.  They are generally no thicker that about 1-1/2″  and so fit into a “relief” category of sculpture.

Appropriate subjects for Mini*Me’s are as varied as your imagination.  We have sculpted moms and babies, logos for ministries, 50th anniversary couples, brides and grooms, husbands and wives, families, deceased individuals, horses, even memorials for deceased pets.

Individual Mini*Me’s

Multiple Mini*Me’s

Pets and Custom Subjects


Maxi*Me’s are much larger than Mini*Me’s, and can be done from life or our imagination. They are really bas reliefs in terra cotta clay, although we can cast them in bronze as well. This is the first one, from Ginny’s imagination:


Individual Mini*Me’s are $200, plus shipping and handling (you choose how fast you want it shipped). For multiple Mini*Me’s in a single frame or on a single plaque, just multiply $200 by the number of figures to get the total. For example, a Mini*Me duo for a couple is $200 x 2 = $400, plus shipping and handling.

Custom Framing

Base Mini*Me price (individual or multiple) plus custom framing charge, plus shipping and handling. We can take an individual or multiple Mini*Me and add any type of custom framing that you can imagine! Contact us with any ideas you have.

Individual Mini*Me with custom framing

This sample is under glass (removed for the photo) and is mounted in an 8×10 inch shadowbox frame plus mat ($300, plus S&H):

Multiple Mini*Me with custom framing

This sample has a hand-lettered caption and a two-window, double-layer mat ($500, plus S&H):

Multiple Mini*Me with custom framing

This fun option is mounted on a 9×11 inch wood plaque and hand lettered in a western style. This one was sculpted live during a “duel”, so the cost is $200 (plus S&H). It if is done from photographs, more time is taken, so the cost is $450 (plus S&H):

You can now download a high-resolution PDF file of our Mini*Me brochure, suitable for printing and sharing with friends and family. It’s only 4.1 MB and will print out beautifully on 8½ x 11 paper. We get asked a lot of questions about Mini*Me’s, so for the most common ones, see our Mini*Me FAQ (Frequently-Asked Questions).