About the Sculptors

Art and Ginny Blevins

Art and Ginny Blevins are figurative sculptors whose work is often inspired by simple thoughts, sights, dreams, or memories and always stems from strong emotion. As artists, Art and Ginny strive to capture that special essence of people which makes that sculpture uniquely them. They concentrate on telling the “story” of the individual through gesture, posture, mannerisms, and attitude. Never satisfied with status quo, they stretch their concepts as far as is feasible.

Brought together by God, they themselves are a unique team, whose work grows with each new project. They have found new life together (not always easy), and have discovered new life born in the mix of their work together. They have the unique ability to build upon and develop each other’s thoughts, concepts, and ideas as well as the ability to execute those ideas. They often focus upon a project individually at first, initially thinking and working in their own originality, then coming together, critiquing self and the other, recognizing strengths and weaknesses, compromising and culminating into a single finale. Strangely enough, their competition has brought them closer together, even though Art tells Ginny that she’s not supposed to criticize her elders.

As a team, they have done several larger works and want to continue and develop into monumental works. They are a good team, with insight and creativity, who enjoy big challenges. They work with clients easily, listening to the ideas of others and ask, not tell, when differences arise.

Art is a long-time Associate Member of the National Sculpture Society and a member of the Texas Society of Sculptors.